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How To Choose a Residential Facility 

We all know and understand that at some point our children will not be able to live with us. Finding the best residential facility becomes an emotional task for parents with children with disabilities. This task can be daunting and is in no way easy but there are certain things parents should look for when looking for a good residential facility.

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Questions to Ask a Job Coach

Do you remember when we talked about the process to go through regarding questions to ask when choosing a residential facility? Well the process is similar here when you are preparing to meet and talk with your student’s job coach. The key is to be prepared in what you want to accomplish in the meeting! What are you looking for?

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Creating a Pre-Workday Routine

Congrats! You have taken so many steps to prepare your student for living and working as independently as possible. You’ve developed a vocational plan and you have found a part-time position, now what? Now, you need to work on preparing your adult for working, how to get ready, and what to do! This article is packed with helpful information to get you started. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a day program center that continues to deliver innovative and individualized programs to advance the achievement and knowledge for adults living with disabilities in the areas of vocational, life, and social skills.

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