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Meet CC

CC is a 20-year-old woman with Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder. She has a very structured school life and routine at home that includes the help of both Special Needs educators and family members. Though she has limited cognitive and intellectual abilities, she is a very sociable person craving the interaction of her family and peers. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, these interactions with her educators and friends have been limited.

When CC graduated high school, she was accepted to Mary Grett Transition Center where she has continued her education learning social and job skills. However, when CC turns 22 years old, she will no longer be able to attend Mary Grett. This will leave her with limited options as part of her support team, the Special Needs educators, who will no longer be an active part of her life. CC needs a structured environment with interactions with her peers and others.

While she can do some things for herself such as personal hygiene and simple tasks, CC needs help with most other things in her daily life. She needs people to help keep her focused on her tasks as well as the patience to care for her. Her parents, sisters, and grandparents want CC to have a place to go where she can interact with friends and people who will help CC to continue to grow intellectually as well as make new friends.

Meet OS

OS is a 23-year-old young man with a severe intellectual/developmental disability. After many years of being treated for seizures, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, STXBP1, at the age of 16. OS is nonverbal and needs help with simple daily routines such as eating and personal hygiene. Due to his cognitive level, OS needs constant supervision and cannot be left alone. 

While attending public school, he had an established routine and system that worked for him and his family. After graduating from high school at the age of 22, this system was no longer available. For someone like OS who thrives on a daily routine, he took it very hard, there was a huge void in his daily activities, and a sense of isolation started. His whole world has changed tremendously overnight.

As a parent of a young man with special needs, OS’s mom wants him to have things to do, places to go as well as friends and people in his life to care about him in a safe, secure, and positive place. Choice Living Community helps clients like Omar build a strong circle of support, so he can count on the pursuit of his daily goals. It brings new opportunities for him to learn, socialize, enhance his life skills, and to make meaningful and everlasting differences in his life.

Meet MM 

MM is a 25-year-old man with a diagnosed intellectual disability and autism. He grew up in a foster home until the age of 6 before being adopted into a beautiful family in the hill country. His mother and father did not know much about caring for a child with disabilities, but they knew they loved him and would do their best to learn. MM grew up and graduated Llano, Texas until making the move with him family to Corpus Christi in 2021. 


After graduating high school, MM attending a day center in Llano called The Special Opportunity Center. There he learned basic job skills, life skills, and had a community of others to do life with. He has had two jobs, one at the recycling center where he was taught how to sort the cans, plastics, and boxes. His second job was at the Agape House where he tended to the garden and animals. 


With many years of repetition, MM has learned how to do many daily tasks independently, but he requires 1 on 1 assistance and verbal prompts and cues for hygiene, preparing food, dressing, and laundry. He cannot be left alone because sometimes he will wonder off. His goals are to learn how to read and county money. We are so thankful for Choice Living Community for proving a safe space for him to learn, grow, and meet friends in his sphere. He wakes up every morning asking to go to Choice Living Community to socialize with his friends and learn new things.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a day program center that continues to deliver innovative and individualized programs to advance the achievement and knowledge for adults living with disabilities in the areas of vocational, life, and social skills.