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Providing innovative and individualized programs to advance the achievement and knowledge of adults living with disabilities in the area(s) of vocational, social, and life skills. 

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Choice Living Community was founded in 2019 by Dr. Jennifer Scott, who saw a need for the center after working as a special education transition teacher. During her time as a teacher, she worked with parents to find their adults a quality place to attend during the day. We are founded on the basis that all adults living with disabilities deserve a structured place to attend during the day. At Choice Living Community, we believe that the Individual Education Plan (IEP) needs to be carried into adult life. We provide that individualized approach by developing an Individualized Care Plan (ICP) for each client. 



Vocational Training

Choice Living Community provides support and assistance through community planning for adults living with disabilities that need job coaching. We will provide on-site job training, coaching for those adults that can maintain a part-time position, and in-house training for adults that are not able to retain part- or full-time employment.


Social Skills Training

We provide an opportunity for our clients to socialize within the community and in a secured environment by means of community outings and in-house recreational events.


Life Skills Training

For all of our clients, we offer continued life skills training in the area (s) of personal hygiene, cooking, laundry, money skills, and socialization in a secured environment.

We work with the individual and their guardians to develop a personalized plan called the Individual Care Plan (ICP), that will assist the client in maintaining individualized skills, a consistent schedule, and a sense of adult responsibilities.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a day activity center that continues to deliver innovative and individualized programs to advance the achievement and knowledge for adults living with disabilities in the areas of vocational, life, and social skills.